Gut Reset Kit




The complete Gut reset kit (includes written instructions)

The gut reset is based on the theory of ‘weed seed and feed’, a protocol developed by the Medical Herbalist Kerri Bone.
In the vast majority of people their gut microbiome is out of balance. What this means is that they could have either of the following:
1. High levels of helpful microbes and equally high levels of unhelpful microbes
2. Low levels of helpful microbes and high levels of unhelpful microbes
In both instances the gut is out of balance. Traditional medicine practitioners have always known the importance of the right balance between helpful and unhelpful microbes. Science is now catching up and much research has been dedicated to the field of the gut microbiome, and its far reaching effects into all aspects of human (and animal) health.
This gut reset kit is a 5 day protocol which can be repeated for up to 3 cycles. The kit addresses the 3 things needed to restore balance in the digestive tract:
Kill unhelpful microbes
Restore production of digestive secretions including enzymes
Heal and protect the mucus membranes of the digestive tract
The products in the kit are:
30ml Digestive bitters: stimulates all digestive secretions beginning with salivary amylase in the mouth and cascading to stomach acid, liver, gall bladder and pancreatic fluids
25g Arctosaphylos uva ursi tea: Broad spectrum antimicrobial to bacteria and fungal microbes. Astringent: drying and binding to heal up mucus membranes
20g Marshmallow root powder: creates a protective barrier through its healing mucilage content, pre and probiotic to feed all helpful microbes


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