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Crafted to help you feel your best through the cold and flu season. Serve as a Tea, instructions and guidance can be found below.

Viruses and bugs hold us back from living life, and they are also important to help us upgrade our immune system. We can live in harmony with bugs, with the right support, so that we don’t feel degraded by the process but enhanced instead. By using the right products we can have confidence that our bodies are designed to handle it and come through stronger. Really light, floral taste. You might get sweaty, which is no bad thing. 100% organic loose, pre-blended for your convenience.

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Yarrow leaf and flower
Peppermint leaf
Elder flower
Echinacea leaf

1 teaspoon of herb per cup
infuse 5 minutes
3 cups daily
50 servings per pouch

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2 reviews for IMMUNE

  1. Sarah

    Delicious, comforting and even the kids will drink it!

  2. Eilidh McMurray

    Fantastic for colds, really speeds up recovery.

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