Tear Repair Ointment

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Small batch, handmade, therapeutic grade ointment specifically for women following childbirth. Can be used on the vulva, perineum or abdomen immediately following birth. Could be helpful for tissue healing and reducing infection. 

Contains: 50g Ointment




Olive oil
Candelilla wax
St.john’s wort infused oil
Calendula infused oil

Apply directly to vulva, perineum or abdomen immediately after birth, after washing/ cleansing area. Apply a pea-sized amount at least daily, with clean hands.

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5 reviews for Tear Repair Ointment

  1. Sarah

    Very effective ointment, helped me to heal a 2nd degree perineal tear without stitches.

  2. Laura Ross

    Super gentle and does not sting like so many of the vulva healing sprays out there. This works.

  3. Sophie Reid

    Easy to use and helped my grazes heal. Ideal after bath or shower postpartum.

  4. Micha

    Got this for my sister after her C-section scar caused her problems. Really helpful! Good for any skin healing TBH.

  5. Moët

    A must have for any birth! I have used for two births now, my first I sustained a 3rd degree tear, the second a 1st degree tear. This has been invaluable for both as I made a really quick recovery and had no complications with infections either. This has now become a staple in our first aid box for any cut!

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